EIFS vs Stucco


Find Best Stucco Mouldings From Reputed Company

Designing of your home is never complete without applying the best stucco mouldings that come in different styles and arrays that surely bring in that desired and decorative look to your residential or commercial buildings. However, when you are choosing these trim mouldings in the market it is better to buy them from reliable company that has lot of experience in offering these products to maintain that quality and sturdiness in the products as well as customize them according to your exterior designs. Unlike the traditional foam or wood these stucco mouldings are easy for application and are a cost effective alternative bringing in the desired elevation to the buildings.

Best Stucco Mouldings

best stucco mouldings
Moreover, you can also find these mouldings as exterior window trim bands being available in different sizes adding value and style to the structures which are light weight and can be easily installed in the desired location. They don’t shrink, wrap, swell or crack becoming rock hard when covered. These can also be easily configured around corners either bull nose or straight and also with or without using nailing flange to attach with the steel studs, bricks or walls. Builders can also find different stucco trim ideas like the stucco trim bands, stucco belly bands, stucco pot shelves and stucco trim arches that are predesigned for instant application on the structures from reliable company offering these products in competitive prices.

stucco trim ideas

Stucco Trim Ideas


When you compare EIFS vs Stucco you also notice the difference between both the applications where stucco is sturdier just like a brick wall while EIFS which is called as synthetic stucco is hollow and soft when tapped gently on the surface. The EIFS also leaves a deflection when pressed with a finger which is not found in stucco surfaces. However, you can choose either of them for your exteriors mouldings based on the construction requirements as both have their own advantages during applications.

Exterior window trim bands

Exterior Window Trim Bands

 As you check out best stucco mouldings from reputed companies they also offer you a guide on installation of stucco trim bands using nailing or wire tying, pressure nailing or tacking on the forms for you to choose the best application and discuss with your contractor. You can also go through the gallery on installation of best stucco mouldings that gives you an idea on how your structure shall actually look at different stages and finally finished look compared to the foam application which is very much inferior to the stucco application. So just look out for the company offering quality and durable stucco mouldings as it lasts in the long run offering a decorative look to your structure expanding its life span.