EIFS vs Stucco

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EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation Finish System and it is actually pronounced as EEFS.  The cladding is otherwise referred to as acrylic, synthetic stucco or just stucco alone. Even though, it was developed in the 40s, it is now turning out to the attractive style of cladding available for homeowners. EIFS is different from traditional stucco that is cement based on the context that it is applied using different materials in different layers, thereby providing greater benefits and flexibility.

This new variant is better than the traditional cement based alternative, due to the fact that it incorporates drainage for prevention of mold and it also provides an attractive finish too. Here comes the comparison, EIFS vs Stucco:


stucco trim ideas

Exterior Window Trim Bands

The former is softer and looks hollow when tapped

It has a finely textured finishing coat

It also ensures insulation and water management

The latter is solid like cement

It is typically rough and it contains larger swirls

It might trap water behind the wall.

With these points, when looking for stucco trim ideas and when it comes to comparison of EIFS Vs. stucco, the purchasers can choose any of these as per their requirement.


best stucco mouldings


Best Stucco Mouldings

However, the best stucco mouldings are produced by many companies on the basis of cement only as compared to the EIFS. When talking about EIFS, it generally contains four layers as given below:


Based on the requirement of the building, there will be moisture/air or vapor barrier

There will be insulation that is attached either mechanically or chemically

There will be a polymer modified base coat with embedded fiber glass mesh

Finally, there will be an acrylic finish for ensuring its durability.


So, if a homeowner is thinking about stucco trim ideas, the best thing he can do is to get in touch with a stucco contractor for identifying the best fit for his building.


Exterior window trim bands

Stucco Trim Ideas


The verdict: There is an old saying that goes, whatever does not kill you can make you stronger. But, this does not hold true when it comes to the best stucco mouldings industry. The EIFS alternative has undergone a number of scrutiny as compared to many other types of cladding and so there are a number of research results backing and supporting it. However, it still has the disgrace to lose. But, it is currently an attractive alternative to conventional stuccos. So, the decision should  be made purely in the interest of the homeowners.